Hello, my name is Deepak Hoke, and I’m the founder of the Morazy. I want to thank you for visiting and wanting to learn more about me and my site!

For years, as a facilitating the development, I have enjoyed the latest and best devices, particularly domestic robots that help me “hack home cleaning.”

Robots for Us and More

Robots come in different forms and sizes, from a big arm that can conduct intricate surgery with great accuracy to little bugs to entertain your cat (we have one for sale, but I’ll let you guess which one!).

We hope to have a little bit of everything here, concentrating on educational robots for children. However, we know that children come in many sizes and ages, so we offer robots and dogs to keep big kids happy.

Aside from those mentioned above, we have some incredible domestic robots to help around the house and make everyone’s life a little simpler. Check out the present area as well, where we will have a variety of robot-inspired products ranging from memorabilia to robot blankets.

As a family of two full-time working parents and two little children, time is limited, so anything that might alleviate the strain of day-to-day home chores is welcome.

Concerning children, I firmly believe coding will be a critical ability for the future. As a result, a large portion of our website is dedicated to robot-learning toys. I continue to allow my children to learn coding fundamentals through play.

This website is actually a passion project for me. I enjoy working with and learning about robotics. I also work full-time as a Product Manager for a software company, where I work directly with fantastic developers (looking at you, Rob, and Tim); while I am not one myself, what they can do amazes me.

But first, a word about the website…

How can this site help me find the right robot?

It’s not easy to know what to buy; sites like Amazon and Best Buy have reviews, but they’re not always helpful. They are one person’s opinions, who may or may not be knowledgeable about the product.

And, if you’re like most people, you don’t have time to spend hours researching all the robot vacuums on the market or learning the latest coding trend.

Luckily, that’s where my team and I come in. 

My website is a solid mix of reviews, comparisons, and top ten lists of various robot categories. From robot vacuums to robotic window cleaners, educational kits for kids to pet toys, my team and I are all over it, if it is robotic, fun, helpful, educational, or all three.

Why trust us?

We can see the marketing BS, such as “hypersuction” or “geniuslink,” and the technology behind the words of experienced roboteers.

Similarly, we frequently see fake reviews or angry people throwing their weight around.

Our comparisons and reviews are based on hours of research, reading, watching videos, and understanding the robot to produce crowdsourced information you can rely on.

I am convinced that if you conduct thorough research, you can write excellent reviews without having the actual product. I believe they will be better in many ways because of the diverse views and opinions you must balance.

So what does the best mean?

It’s difficult to answer because it’s subjective. My apartment has hardwood floors. My mother lives in a three-story, mostly carpeted house with a dog. What is the best robot vacuum for me may not be the best for her?

In addition, the budget must be considered. Not everyone can afford the latest Roborock Vacuum, which costs $1000.

So I make sure to include something for everyone in my best round-ups.

Why are the reviews almost always positive?

This is fairly straightforward because we only target the best robots. When deciding what to review, we keep an eye on what is going on with all major brands.

We look at major retailers’ most popular models and tradeshows like CES.

We can probably tell which robots will be greatly based on all of this, and those are the ones we focus on; if we don’t like something, we don’t write about it.

So how does the shop work?

So, we don’t have any products, so we’re an affiliate shop. Suppose you click on one of the buy buttons. In that case, you will be directed to Amazon or another online retailer to complete your purchase. We will receive a small commission at no additional cost if you purchase a product from our website. This ranges from 3 to 7% on average but varies depending on the product or store.

As a result, you get the best of both worlds. There are many sponsored or junk products on Amazon (and other sites) that prevent you from finding exactly what you’re looking for. Our goal is to be your filter and curate many great robot products to inspire you, including some that you might not have found otherwise. 

Robot vacuum cleaners are an excellent example of this. Because it is a product that has grown in popularity in recent years, the market is oversaturated with models. We shortlist the finest so that, rather than being faced with thousands of options, you may view the best performers before purchasing with all of the typical safeguards that huge online retailers provide.

I’d also like to say something regarding the word best. Because what is best for one person is not always great for another, we do not merely list the most expensive things. We investigate all price points and look for models that provide value and exceed their expectations vs. cost, whether $3 or $3000.

Anything Else?

Robots are incredible instruments that can assist us in our daily lives. There is a robot for everyone, whether it is a robot vacuum to clean our floors, a robotic window cleaner to clean the glass, or a robot toy to keep our children entertained.

I hope you find my small website useful in making the proper choices.

Any questions?

If you want to get in touch, please email me at Morazy.com@gmail.com or send me a message via the contact form, and I’ll return it to you. Name *First

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