How to Download Instagram Live Video (3 Working Methods)

Instagram has been a popular social media platform for many years. It has the most recent features and is always improving itself to make life easier for its users.

One of these new features is Instagram Live Video which allows you to broadcast live video with your followers without worrying about being judged or feeling embarrassed in any way.

The only downside to this wonderful feature is that it disappears after 24 hours unless you download it on your phone using one of these methods:

How To Download Instagram Live Video

There are a few methods you can use to download Instagram Live videos, including

Use “Save IG Live Store” Chrome Extension

The “Save IG Live Store” Chrome Extension is a free tool that allows you to save any Instagram live video. You just need to be logged into your Google account and then go onto the extension’s website or open it up in the chrome browser on your computer.

To download a specific Instagram live video, click either ‘watch’ or ‘record’. If you want to watch an ongoing live stream, choose ‘watch’ and wait for the page below with all of the information about it including its duration time until it ends before downloading it.

Alternatively, if you would like to record what someone else has been streaming so far make sure that they are naming their stream when broadcasting as this will allow them to find out who saved their live content when you upload it.

Record Live Using Screen Recorder Application

You can record someone else’s live video using a screen recorder application like “Recorder for Instagram” or “Recordit”

When ready click ‘Start’ and then wait for them to end streaming before selecting ‘Stop’.

Most of the time you get the inbuilt screen recorder application on your mobile phone as well.

Use Instagram MOD Apk

You can download the MOD apk version of Instagram which is the modded version of the original apk. You won’t see any ads or anything in that, that’s the feature of the Instagram MOD apk.

You get the option to download all the images, posts, stories, reels, IGTV Lives, etc. using one click in the Instagram MOD Apk.

You don’t need to worry about the virus and malware as they are safe to use. People make MOD applications to get rid of Ads and to get some additional features.


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